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Kluue is where Nonprofits link up with Small Businesses to purchase services and products.
This can happen online with our database or in person at one of our live events.
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Register for Membership.
Wait for Approval
Nonprofits can post or search for Business services or products.
Business Owners can be commissioned or search for opportunities posted by Nonprofits.
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Access to a pool of potential customer
Receive constructive feedback on your company
Begin to build a client/customer base
Use feedback as potential testimonials

A pool of potential business partners for social collaborations
Access to Businesses in the position to negotiate price.
Vetting Process
We are looking for Small Business and Nonprofits that are in the position to help one another.
For those reasons we vet each and every registrant before extending Kluue Membership. That means we are looking for Nonprofits who are willing to pay for services and Small Businesses with clear systems in place who are also willing to provide discounts.
While it is important that we verify 501(c)3 and EIN status, we also welcome grassroots business and nonprofit organizations as well.

To learn more about Kluue and our process for selecting Business and Nonprofits Members click here for our Media kit.

Kluue Memberships are priced as low as 5 per month.  Register today!