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The Logic 

New small businesses need revenue and to define operations through repetition.
Nonprofits and
new Small Businesses
are the ideal growth partners.
Nonprofits need affordable services to serve their communities. 
In a Nutshell
Kluue is where Nonprofits link up with Small Businesses to create mutually beneficial relationships.
This can happen online with our database or in person at one of our live events. This is all based on the practical logic that each group has what the other needs. 

We attract Nonprofit and Small Business owners who are in the position to do business.  Wherein our members enjoy a business environment designed to help them make and save money at the same time. 

​We ask small business owners to give significant discounts to Nonprofit partners​​, in turn we ask Nonprofits to be willing to pay for products and or services rendered. 

This allows our Nonprofit members to lower the costs of overhead while simultaneously allowing our Small Business members to bring in revenue during start up or slow seasons.

Thursday September 7, 2017 at 8:00 PM
  1. Variety
    Find Nonprofits and Small Businesses you wont find by "googling" alone.
  2. Low Cost Marketing
    Most Nonprofit and Small Businesses spend little to no money on marketing right out of the gate because of lack of funds. Put yourself in the position to be noticed, save and make money with just one low monthly price.
  3. Return on Investment
    Priced so that you can recover a years worth of investment with us in just 1 transaction.