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Nonprofits see the world for what it can become. To accomplish their commitment to the community Nonprofits are often in search of products and service to fit into the budgets that their funding provides.

We at Kluue realize that small businesses under the age of 5 are the perfect group to help these Nonprofits reach their goals within budget.

Using Kluue, Nonprofits can align themselves with talented small businesses in the position to negotiate price, and provide tons of value for the dollars spent.  In return, these young businesses can test their business practices and gain constructive feedback on their new venture. In addition, Kluue Business Members have access to a pool of potential clients who need their services. This puts them on the path to turning profit sooner than later. Kluue is a win-win situation for both Small Business and Nonprofits.

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This version of the Kluue is our beta version. We are currently proving to the world that Kluue is necessary and needed. Your role is to sign up, engage, and spread the word.

By playing your part, you can help us cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship between the Nonprofit and For-profit Sectors.