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What We Do

 Kluue is where Nonprofits link up with Small Businesses to create mutually beneficial relationships.
This can happen online with our database or in person at one of our live events.

We attract Nonprofit and Small Business owners who are in the position to do business.  Wherein our members enjoy a business enviroment designed to help them make and save money at the same time.

​Our Mission

​To reinvent the relationship between Nonprofit and the forprofit community, to unearth new connections and opportunities that lead to:
​the increase the startup success of new small businesses by helping them acquire paying clients as soon as possible.
​the extended life and outreach of Nonprofits by decreasing their overhead costs.

Who We Are

"I am often asked where I got the idea to create Kluue. Honestly, Kluue was at the tail end of another idea. As a then new entrepreneur I began to see how necessary and valuable Kluue truly could become to the nonprofit and business community. 

​The real climate of operating a Nonprofit or launching a Small Business (Not the fancy one you see on social media) calls for Kluue. Far too many men and women are giving away their talents for free in the name of "exposure". If they are not caught up in "exposure" they are working within an environment that does not lead to growth. 

​I sleep very well knowing that Kluue not only helps Nonprofits and Small Businesses save and make money. Kluue helps them grow and become self sufficeient by increasing profits and decreasing costs!"

Brittney Bell
Founder of Kluue
Serial Entrepreneur