Kluue is an online database where Nonprofits find speakers and partnerships, while purchasing products and services from young Small Businesses at heavily discounted rates.

Young Small Business
are ideal
growth partners.

By placing organizations and companies with the ability to be useful to one another in the same space;

We say Goodriddens to empty networking and "Hello" to affordable and tangible simultaneous growth.


Nonprofits are a costant consumer of products and services. Which is necessary to meet their social goals.
- can not locate significant deals through google: alone

- Takes a large amount of time to research/locate partners, products, and services that are a good fit

- Funding only  allows for very strict spending


Young Small Businesses (0-3yrs)  are normally operated by a 1-2 person team with the desire to bring in enough capital to transition into full time entrepreneurship.
- most are bootstrapping ( using their own funds to invest in their business)

- do not have the appropriate funds for large marketing campaigns thus they labor market themselves

- are in a better position to negotiate price

Kluue is where a young Small Business gets over the hump of acquiring it's first customer.
HOW: Through our Nonprofit member commitment to post serious paid opportunities.
Kluue is where Nonprofits defeat the challenge of producing their programs on a small budget.
HOW:   Through our Business member commitment to provide significant discounts to our Nonprofit members.


  1. Business Directory
    Quickly locate business members filtering by location or business type.
  2. Nonprofit Directory
    Find a Nonprofit filtering by location or focus.
  3. In App Messaging
    Send messages back and forth within our platform.
  4. Opportunity Posts
    Post and Search for unique opportunities.
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 Monthly Subscription
Kluue is currently in it's Beta phase. Take advantage and lock in your monthly price of 5 per month.
Prices will increase 2018.*
*Price increase date subject to change with the addition of new features.




  • Earn revenue during Start up or slow seasons
  • Shorter time spent acquiring first customer or partnership
  • Add a level of Social Good to  your business
  • Fits even the smalles of marketing budget
  • Access to a pool of serious customers
  • Test your operations
  • Real Life Feedback/ Reviews
  • Access to Businesses providing heavy discountss
  • Locate or be approached by serious business partners
  • Yield big returns on a small budget
  • Locate products, services, and goods in a fraction of the time

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